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videos of keystone custom homesVideo is a powerful way to show buyers your product. With sites like YouTube reporting one billion views a day, and the popularity of sites like Vimeo, MetaCafe and Vine, it is hard to ignore the power of this medium.

Luckily video has become easier to shoot too. Many people simply use their smartphone to shoot video now. Of course, professional video is always a big plus especially for touring model homes. Keystone Custom Homes decided to integrate video into its marketing mix and they now offer a series of videos on YouTube called, “Let’s Find Out Why.” Visit Keystone Custom Homes YouTube page to see the videos.

The videos provide potential buyers with an easy way to tour the builder’s model homes without ever having to get in a car. It creates a more educated buyer because they already know what plans they like when they arrive at the model center.  Each video is a tour of a different model home. The host, Claire Brown, walks buyers through the model and highlights how homeowners can use each room. From the living room to owner’s suite, no space is left out!

A number of communities are already available on video including Addington Reserve, Lamborn Hunt, Worthington at Township Square, Louise Estates, Castleton, Townhomes at Devon Creek, Whisper Run, Ivy Ridge, Worthington, Foxwood, London Croft, Silver Brook and Laurel Vistas.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your marketing program, take a tip from Keystone Custom Homes and consider adding video to your mix.

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